4 Pond Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Pond

Posted on February 3, 2022

4 Pond Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Pond

A pond is a great water feature to have on your property. It is not only relaxing and aesthetically pleasing but also raises the value of your property. With proper care and maintenance, your pond will continue to be a valuable asset for years to come.

The following are some tips for proper pond care.

1. Clean your pond regularly

This is important if you want to keep your pond’s water clear and avoid foul smells from rotting debris. Clean up involves getting rid of debris and organic matter that has accumulated in the pond. This could include dead leaves, twigs, and more. Dead organic matter decays and destroys the ecological balance.  There are a wide variety of beach maintenance or pond maintenance tools you can invest in to assist you with this. These include skimmer nets, lake rakes and Admiral Lake and Pond’s Jetstream Aqua Blower.

Pond Maintenance

2. Clear the area around the pond

Make it a habit to keep the area around the pond clear. Trim branches of trees, rake dead leaves and twig, and collect any garbage left near the pond. This will help to keep the pond clear of the debris and garbage for longer after cleaning it.

3. Invest in a pond fountain

A pond fountain offers much more than aesthetic value for your pond. Pond fountains agitate the water and keep it moving This prevents pests such as mosquitos from breeding in your pond. A pond fountain distributes algae spores and prevents them from taking over your pond. It also keeps the water aerated, which is essential for fish and aquatic plant life and the release of noxious gasses.

4. Invest in a filter

If you already have a pond fountain, you should protect it by investing in a good Fountain Filter. Filters will keep debris and silt from getting to the fountain pump. This will ensure that your fountain can continue working at an optimum level.

Make the maintenance of your pond part of your property maintenance routine. Regular maintenance will help to improve the condition of your pond.

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