Some Important Equipment to Improve your Shoreline

Aqua Thruster
Posted on October 10, 2022

Some Important Equipment to Improve your Shoreline

Aqua Blower

An Aqua Blower (also called Aqua Thruster) is possibly the most effective tool in removing lake muck, algae blooms, twigs, leaves and floating weeds & debris. It is a highly customizable lake shore cleaning tool (available with different cord lengths, several convenient mounting options, etc.) designed to remove & prevent muck and aquatic weed build-up via natural methods. Creating a strong water current, it is able to safely and effectively push away unwanted organic debris and also aerate the surrounding area. Beyond safeguarding your dock and swimming against floating weeds and debris, it will aerate and oxygenate your water, resulting in a healthier, cleaner, and clearer waterscape. The mobile mounting options for aqua blowers will allow you to clean up to hundreds of feet of shoreline with a single unit!

Dock De-Icer

A dock deicer’s main purposes are to stop ice from developing and maintain water circulation in a particular area. In order to preserve their dock, boathouse, or boat from ice damage, individuals frequently employ dock de-icers, also known as bubblers or aerators. Others use them in their pond to keep the water open and prevent “winter kill” or fish death.

dock deicer's

Whether you are concerned about winter kill or damage to your dock or otherwise, dock de-icers help to circulate and oxygenate water that otherwise would receive very little aeration, which provides multiple benefits for your shoreline.

The Ice-Out de-icer is a fantastic solution to keep water open and clear of ice in the coldest months. It is capable of creating up to 5000 square feet of open water space in optimal conditions, and at a minimum maintains a 50-foot diameter free of ice. Maintaining your water space ice-free can help prevent ice damage to your boat, dock, pier, etc. and enable year-round use. Additionally, it makes a fantastic open water area for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

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