4 Crucial Tips to Help You Maintain Your Beach, Pond or Lake

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Posted on May 21, 2022

4 Crucial Tips to Help You Maintain Your Beach, Pond or Lake

Pond, lake, and beach maintenance are activities that must be carried out regularly to keep your aquatic environment clean and healthy. You can only reap the benefits of a pond or lake if you implement measures that will prevent the accumulation of organic matter in the water and ensure an adequate amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.

Here are some crucial tips to help you maintain your beach, pond, or lake.

Keep the Area Clean of Debris: Leaves, sticks and various kinds of debris that fall directly into your lake or pond will sink to the bottom and eventually become what we know as “muck”. Organic matter that is not removed from the beach area is also likely to find its way into the water and sink to the bottom of the water body. Besides turning into undesirable muck, the organic matter will also begin to decompose and deprive fish and other organisms in the water of the oxygen that they need.

The gasses that are released as decomposition occurs will cause smells that are both very unpleasant as well as toxic. Gasses such as hydrogen sulfide and some compounds of nitrogen are known to be harmful to both aquatic life and human life.s

To avoid the problems above, it is important to keep your aquatic environment clean by removing said debris. This can be done by investing in equipment such as lake rakes and aqua blowers.

Remove Vegetation: Vegetation creates breeding grounds and hiding areas for organisms like snails, frogs and mosquitoes. Just as it is important to remove debris, it is important to do raking and removal of excess vegetation regularly as part of your pond and beach maintenance work.

Maintain Your Beach Pond Fountain Filter

Aerate Your Water: Aeration systems such as fountains, bubblers, and aqua blowers play an important role in improving your pond or lake’s general water quality. By keeping the surface of water agitated, lake and pond aerators help improve the level of dissolved oxygen in the water.

Aerators also help to control and reduce the excessive growth of algae and remove foul odors since any gas that may begin to form at the bottom of the water body is released immediately through water circulation. Beyond these benefits, lake and pond aerators also help improve the habitat of aquatic organisms such as fish.

Safeguard Your Aerator: Quality lake and pond aerators are rarely cheap pieces of equipment. As such, it is important to safeguard them against the elements and potential threats. In the case of corded aerators, a cord protector can be a great investment to avoid damage from rodents or lawn equipment. In the case of fountains, it is important to use dependable ‘pond fountain filters’.

Filters protect fountain systems and are particularly important if your water has a high amount of suspended solids. If you are searching for a ‘pond fountain filter, Admiral Lake and Pond Restoration offer fountains with great standard filtration as well as optional filters made to protect fountains in even the worst water conditions.

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