Dock Deck Mount


For those looking for a JetStream dock mount providing 360-degree rotation as well as depth control, the Dock Deck Mount is the clear option. It comes with our Lifetime Warranty and features convenient single-knob attachment, removal, and rotation of the JetStream.


The Dock Deck Mount is the preferred JetStream dock mount option for those who wish to have depth control as well as full rotational control.

This pivoting, depth-adjustable dock mount accessory will allow for your JetStream to swivel a full 360 degrees, providing for rare complete rotation rarely seen on competitor’s models. It also gives you up to 6 feet of depth control adjustment with it’s depth adjustment collar, featuring dual set screws.

Convenience is another strength of the Dock Deck Mount. The JetStream can be mounted to the Dock Deck Mount via the single knob method (allowing for quick and convenient attachment, removal, and rotation) or the more permanent bolt-up configuration. The Mount can also be mounted to your dock via mounting holes that are custom-drilled to fit your dock as per your solicited specifications (please send us this information prior to shipment!) or attached via C-clamps (not included).

Like all Admiral products, the Dock Deck Mount is handcrafted in Excelsior, MN. Made of durable marine-grade aluminum, it includes Admiral’s lifetime warranty. Click Here for more information regarding our warranties.


Weight: 11.5 lbs

Length: 6 feet

Width: 8 inches

Height: 12.5 inches

Material: Marine-grade Aluminum

Weight 19 lbs
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