Fountain Light Kit


The Light Kit for the Admiral Fountain will delight customers who wish to display their fountain at night. With 3 powerful, 18-watt, color-changing LED lights and included light timer and long-distance control, this modern light kit allows not only for best-in-class illumination, but also convenience and practicality.


The Light Kit for the Admiral Fountain will allow you to enjoy the classic visual display of your fountain 24/7. 

Featuring three 18-watt, color-changing RGB LED lights, this kit is among the most modern on the market. Unlike many older models, you will not have to worry about underpowered lighting (as the Admiral Light Kit offers enough wattage power for even the highest water displays – up to 30 feet) or retrieving your fountain to change lens covers/colors (simply point the included remote at the unit and select one of 8 desired colors).

Conveniently, the remote works at up to distances of 1000 feet and offers you the option to not only select one of 8 solid colors, but also to automatically move from one color to the next via one of three pre-programmed speeds. Also included is a 110-volt timer, allowing you to set and control when your lights turn on/off.

The Light Kit is composed of an aluminum bracket and stainless steel hardware.

No customer installation is required if the light kit is purchased along with a new Admiral Fountain, but any used fountains will need to be sent to us to mount lighting kits (call before sending any non-Admiral brand fountains, please).

This product has parts and components covered by our warranties. Please click here for more information.


Weight: 4 lbs

Length: 15 inches

Width: 12 inches

Height: 6 inches

Material: Marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware

Energy Efficient

Convenient 110-volt connection

No maintenance required

Weight 5 lbs
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