High 6 Fountain Nozzle


The High 6 fountain nozzle design is a simple, 6-nozzle design with adjustable directional flow. Water display height and width will depend on user adjustments, but may achieve up to approximately 20 feet in height and over 30 feet in width. The High 6 nozzle is made of brass and backed by Admiral’s lifetime guarantee.

Our High 6 Fountain Nozzle offers the highest water streams in our lineup, up to approximately 20 feet in height. Due to the High 6’s adjustable directional flow, you may easily change the direction of each of the 6 individual nozzles to achieve different water patterns and shapes. Great for creating the single high-spout look with the versatility to also create a wider “spread,” this fountain nozzle is perfect for those who wish to customize their experience with a more simple nozzle than the fully adjustable High 17 Fountain Nozzle.

Besides reaching heights of up to 20 feet in height, the High 6 fountain nozzle offers the ability to create displays of up to approximately 30 feet in width.  

The High 6 Fountain Nozzle is made of brass and backed by Admiral’s lifetime warranty.

This product has parts and components covered by our warranties. Please click here for more information.


Weight: 1 lb

Length: 3 inches

Width: 3 inches

Height: 5 inches

Materials: Brass

Weight 2 lbs
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