Admiral Fountain Ice Rink Attachment


The Ice Rink Attachment allows you to turn any Admiral Fountain into an ice rink pump for flooding your ice rink! Quick, easy, and backed by our 2-year warranty, a top option for winter fun.

Most people that purchase our Admiral Fountains do so planning on giving them limited, seasonal use. We do our best to get the word out that they can use the Ice Rink Attachment to use their Admiral Fountains in the winter, too! 

Easily convert your Admiral fountain into an ice rink/hockey rink pump by doing the following: Simply replace your fountain’s nozzle with the Ice Rink Attachment, screw on a hose, and place your fountain in water. 

Thanks to the Admiral Fountain’s potent 1 HP motor, you can flood your ice skating or hockey rinks and/or give them that resurfacing touch they occasionally need in a quick, efficient manner. Also, because the Admiral Fountain already comes with a filter, you can avoid getting excessively dirty water (and thus avoid getting dirt and chunks of unwanted debris in your rink).

The Ice Rink Attachment includes Admiral’s 2-year warranty. Please click here for more information about our warranties.


Weight: 1 lb

Length: 19 inches

Width: 2 inches (tubing is 1.25 inches thick)

Height: 2 inches

Materials: Vinyl tubing with a brass and cast iron fittings

Weight 2 lbs
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