Lake Rake


Though simple and often overlooked, rakes are a key part of lake, pond, and beach maintenance. Admiral’s Lake Rake is specially designed to get the most out of daily cleaning tasks and can be used both on land and in water.


Tired of using ineffective gardening or hardware store rakes? The Admiral Lake Rake is designed with the specific purpose of cleaning and maintaining your waterfront, whether that be a pond, lake, or beach.

Possibly the most cost-effective shore cleaner out there, a good Lake Rake is an essential tool for anybody looking to maintain their waterfront as it will efficiently remove weeds and debris, smooth out your beach, and allow for easy disposal of unwanted material.

The Admiral Lake Rake comes with the following features/benefits:

-Wide, 36-inch head to efficiently cover a large area with each pass of the Rake

-Long, 68-inch handle gives you the option to rake from dock or shore without entering water

-Flat back side of the rake is excellent for smoothing out beach

-Marine-grade aluminum head and teeth and sturdy fiberglass handle

-Strong teeth designed for removing debris

-Ability to clean areas both underwater and above water

The Admiral Lake Rake also includes Admiral’s lifetime warranty, guaranteed to last the test of time.  Please click here for more information about our warranty.


Weight: 4.5 lbs

Length: 68 inches

Width: 36 inches

Height: 3 inches

Material: Marine-grade Aluminum and fiberglass

Weight 9 lbs
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