Propeller for Aqua Blowers, Surface Aerators & De-Icers

Propeller for Aqua Blowers, Surface Aerators & De-Icers

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This propeller will maximize the ability of your equipment (aqua blower, surface aerator, or de-icer) to push and circulate water while simultaneously enhancing durability and longevity thanks to its unique design and material properties.


Family Owned and Operated


Hand-built in Excelsior, Minnesota


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The propeller is an essential part of any Aqua Blower, Surface Aerator, or De-icer. It will greatly affect your unit’s performance and as such is important to monitor and replace if necessary. Because the propeller has such a profound impact on product effectiveness, we have undergone extensive testing and modification to create the current design, which is featured on the most recent JetStream and Ice-Out units.  

All propellers feature a unique, 3-blade molded “weedless” design that  is engineered to be both rigid and durable for maximum water propulsion, yet flexible enough to avoid cracks and breaks. Though the newest propellers will push more water and last longer than any previous iteration, over seasons of use they will take consistent abuse and eventually wear,  reducing their effectiveness. As such, be sure to check your propeller at least a few times per season, and if there are visible chips, cracks, or bends, replace it as soon as possible to ensure optimal performance of your unit. Even small, seemingly miniscule damages can have a big impact on flow rate and general output. As damages can be hard to predict, having a spare propeller available is a great way to assure normal operation without missing a beat.

Replacement may be performed in moments via loosening/tightening a single set screw with a 1/8″ Allen wrench – see “How to” video here:


  • Weight: 2 oz
  • Length: 2.25 inches
  • Width: 5 inches
  • Height: 5 inches
  • Materials: Carbon-infused nylon

6 reviews for Propeller for Aqua Blowers, Surface Aerators & De-Icers

  1. Linda Bigelbach (verified owner)

    We won’t have a chance to use this till next year so it is hard to review at this tome

  2. Tony Moss (verified owner)

    I just received these new props and they’re working great! You can see how far the weeds and muck have moved from the shore line

  3. Mark Backstrom (verified owner)

    So far it seems to be working well

  4. Ron Betzler

    Love the way my Jetstream keeps my shoreline clean and safe. I have been using my Jetstream for 3 summers now and I’m still on the same Propeller. I bought a spare but have not used it. This unit pushes a lot of water. I love the 2 foot and 7 foot stakes. It allows me to put the Jetstream anywhere along my shore. Take a look at the before and after photos. RB
    Pond De-IcerDock Bubbler

  5. Brook King

    I am pleased with the results of the Admiral JetStream in 2023. I’ve considered multiple solutions to address our our 2+ feet of muck and the 150 feet plus lilypads, but always put it off. Every year I was forced to perform manual cutting of lilypads and carrying out the water filled plants. However, this was the year I finally decided to go all in by purchasing a generator (no power on the lot) and the Jet Stream…

    Unfortunately, the lake ice cleared out late, so our channel was one of the few areas for nesting loons, and the loons nested on a bog next to our dock. Instead of starting earlier we felt we should give the loons their space, and waited 30 days.

    After the eggs hatched I started up the Jet Stream and after running for ten hours and walking over the lilypads the large roots started coming to the surface. I was able to run the JetStream for about 50 hours total this summer, and our pontoon channel to the lake is the best we ever had it. The boat access path has clear water, and there are no lilypads for the first 100 feet.

    Next year, I’m looking forward to getting in the water early (hopefully the ice is out early) to widen our boat access and create an area near to dock…

    Again, I’m really pleased with the JetStream.

    — I never realized the water depth at the end of the dock is about 4 and half feet.

    Muck BlasterIce-Out Lake Aerator
  6. Meg Hadlock

    Admiral Lake and Pond is a wonderful business! Our lakefront cottage had 30+ years of muck build-up that was never addressed. I was hopeful, but not optimistic that we could clean it up without a dredge. I researched several muck remover products and selected the JetStream due to the fact that I could easily move it around to address all quadrants of our mucky shore.

    Customer service is top-notch! Hal and Charlie responded to my questions in record time. Our lakefront recovery is still very much a work in progress, but WE HAVE SAND!! I am beyond happy with what I’ve been able to achieve with my JetStream and highly recommend it to anyone looking to address shorefront muck issues.

    JetStream Aqua BlowerJetStream Aqua BlowerJetStream Aqua Blower<
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