JetStream Mounting Bracket for WeedRoller

JetStream Mounting Bracket for WeedRoller

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The JetStream Weed Roller Mounting Bracket allows you to easily mount your JetStream on your Weed Roller to double its effectiveness. It comes with our Lifetime Warranty and can also be used to attach your JetStream directly to your dock posts or to the Weed Roller Stake. No matter which way you use the JetStream Weed Roller Mounting Bracket, it makes installation, removal, and rotation of the JetStream simple.


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Interested in doubling your WeedRoller’s efficiency? Use the JetStream WeedRoller Mounting Bracket to mount the JetStream Aqua Blower to your WeedRoller and watch it go to work!

WeedRollers do a fantastic job of uprooting existing weeds and agitating lake or pond bottoms. Their one problem, however, is that the debris and weeds their paddles kick up fall right back down and are left in a series of long channels that the WeedRoller creates. 

Mounting a JetStream on the WeedRoller’s pivoting arm via the JetStream WeedRoller Mounting Bracket allows the JetStream to rotate in unison with the WeedRoller, pushing all of the unwanted biomatter out of the area. This facilitates the much-needed, “second punch” to not only blow off all of the weeds, muck and seeds that facilitated the initial undesired growth, but also to prevent regrowth and eliminate channels left from the WeedRoller’s paddles. 

As an added bonus, the Mounting Bracket can also be used to attach your JetStream to your dock or to the WeedRoller Mobile Mounting Stake. In every application, removal, installation and rotation of the JetStream is simple, accomplished via loosening a single knob.

The Weed Roller Mounting Bracket is hand-crafted in Excelsior, MN and includes Admiral’s lifetime warranty. For more information about our warranties, click here.


  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Length: 18 inches
  • Width: 4 inches
  • Height: 6 inches
  • Material: Marine-grade Aluminum

1 review for JetStream Mounting Bracket for WeedRoller

  1. abdul farzon

    Admiral lake and pond customer service was excellent that made me happy.

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