What Our Customers Say

Hear from our satisfied customers who have experienced the Admiral Lake and Pond Restoration difference. Their stories reflect the quality, reliability, and exceptional service that we pride ourselves on. Read their testimonials to see how our products have transformed their water spaces and why they continue to trust us for all their lake and pond needs.

We purchased the Quick Rink Ice Rink maker and it is AWESOME! It provides great pressure and I can quickly put a layer of water down on our outdoor rink in Northern Minnesota. They have great customer service and provide information on the product. The hose and spray nozzle that they sell are worth their weight in gold and it makes the application very easy. Very happy and looking forward to many years of making an ice rink. You want a nice ice rink in MN right!!”

Josh Ice

February 9, 2023

Great Equipment
“I took my time to research the best tools to clean up my lake in hopes of creating a swimming area. I was happy to find a local company that had low prices and decided to purchase a lake rake, an aqua/muck blower, the deep stake mount, and the weed roller mount. Every piece of equipment has been highly flexible, and has filled a major need of mine that I was unable to find elsewhere, especialy in the case of the deep stake and weed roller mount for the muck blower. Now, I can use my blower anywhere along my 300′ of lake shore, tidy things up much faster, and my favorite – attach the muck blower to my weed roller for a full 360 clean that gets EVERYTHING. I’m really impressed with all of the equipment and my wife would tell you, I’m not easy to please!”

A. Sparks

December 03, 2023

Quick Rink
“We purchased a Quick Rink in January 2023 for our pond in the backyard for the kids to skate on and couldn’t be happier. It’s the easiest thing to drill a hole, set the Quick Rink in, plug it in and start flooding or resurfacing the pond to keep it skatable longer. Even the kids loved helping keeping the ice. Great product and already recommended to lots of friends and family. Looking forward to this winter and making an even bigger pond hockey rink.”

Mark DuChene

January 29, 2023

Lake Aeration at it’s Finest
“If you’re looking for a lake aerator, few things are as pleasant to look at as an Admiral Lake Fountain. Effective at aerating as well, we quickly gathered that this was the best option for our 1 acre pond. The best of both worlds, and at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended”

Helen Pierce

December 03, 2023

Excellent results from the Ice-Out Ice Eater
“I’m very pleased at how much water the Ice-Out circulates and how easy it was to install. A quality product that I’ve had excellent results with. I would recommend it to anybody that needs to keep a large open water space in winter. Consistently keeps open approximately 100′ x 200′ water space in the dead of winter in South Dakota. Makes a world of difference.”

Jamie Garner

December 16, 2023

Regained my lakeshore!
“I had an amazing experience working with Hal. Our lakeshore is more usable than ever. It was full of muck and weeds until I started using the Jetstream blower. Once I add the oscillating mount it will tale all the work away. I’ll actually have time to enjoy my lake! The products from Admiral are top notch, and the customer support is even better. I will continue to refer them to anyone I know with a lake or pond.”

JM Greene

August 28, 2023

30+ Years of Lake Muck
“Admiral Lake and Pond is a wonderful business! Our lakefront cottage had 30+ years of muck build-up that was never addressed. I was hopeful, but not optimistic that we could clean it up without a dredge. I researched several muck remover products and selected the JetStream due to the fact that I could easily move it around to address all quadrants of our mucky shore.

Customer service is top-notch! Hal and Charlie responded to my questions in record time. Our lakefront recovery is still very much a work in progress, but WE HAVE SAND!! I am beyond happy with what I’ve been able to achieve with my JetStream and highly recommend it to anyone looking to address shorefront muck issues.”

Meg Hadlock

August 29, 2022
“We’ve had the Jetstream running for 2 summers now, with great results. Our lake neighbors have a different system, and I’m glad I went with Jetstream after comparing our results.

Charlie has been great to work with, and has patiently responded to my needling for the oscillator option over the past year! Can’t wait for this option to make this great system even better!”

CoryL Meyer

September 18, 2023
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