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We’re quite a bit different from our competitors. We’re a small, family operation based out of Excelsior, MN, and we design and build by hand nearly every one of the lake and pond products that we sell. We strive to provide the most flexible, practical and effective equipment available via ongoing innovation and creativity. Aspiring to this goal has allowed us to invent and/or improve several top-selling lake and pond products that we are excited to be able to share with our customers. Please read on to see what else we have to offer!


As a small, family-owned business, we take genuine pride in fabricating quality products that our customers appreciate. That is why we see the entire operation through ourselves, without outsourcing any of the vital functions of our business. From raw materials procurement, to production and customer service, everything is done in-house. We build units by hand, one-by-one and with the utmost care, to assure they meet our high standards. We stand behind our products’ quality by offering customers a warranty of at least 2 years on all products (and in fact offer lifetime warranties on over half of our products!)


Due to our size and our distribution model (directly from us to you!), we differ from larger companies that require sizable profit margins to stay in business. The result is that we're able to offer quality products at a more affordable price than our competitors.

Customer Service

Our customers are the foundation of our business and our number one priority. As such, we handle 100% of all customer correspondence ourselves, giving them the same importance and undivided attention that we do our products. This allows us to make sure that every Admiral customer is thrilled with their purchase and address any concerns with immediate action. We draw genuine satisfaction from positive feedback and will go out of our way to listen and help in less-than-ideal situations. To all of our past, current, and future customers; thank you for recognizing the Admiral Difference and for putting your trust in us. We are most grateful!


Thanks to our founder’s creativity and unique skill set, we have been able to develop original, one-of-a-kind designs to bring new products to market as well as improve on popular, traditional products. We believe that Admiral’s innovation is one of the key competitive advantages that set us apart from competitors’. As such, we are continually looking to enhance and optimize designs to bring the best products to market, focusing specifically on providing customers with optimum flexibility, practicality, and effectiveness.

When we speak of bringing the “best” products to the market, one of our top priorities is providing products with the highest degree of flexibility. We have experienced many cumbersome equipment designs in the lake and pond industry and have set out to simplify and improve them to make sure that our customers will not face the same problems that we have in the past.

Another key to our product designs is practicality. We have innovated to create the most pragmatic, utilitarian products possible. Many times we seem to think that by adding something to the design, we will improve it when in reality, simplicity is the best way to achieve optimum practicality more often than not. This theory has been applied to enhance our products’ designs.

The chief trait among those that innovation affords us is product effectiveness. We have analyzed and tested our products thoroughly to seek out maximum efficiency and performance. Based on customer comments and referrals, we believe that so far we’ve been successful in our endeavors.


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