About Us

About Admiral Lake and Pond Restoration

We are a small, family-owned and operated company hailing from “The Land of Lakes” in Excelsior, Minnesota. We design and build products to improve and enhance enjoyment of our customer’s waterspaces, whether it be on lakes, ponds, rivers, or otherwise. We have made it our focus to develop the most flexible, practical, and effective products on the market by improving existing concepts as well as inventing our own in order to better serve like-minded customers. Learn about our story.

Years in Business


Our Founder

Our founder, Hal Newell, is a warm, genuine man with a great sense of humor, a love for his family and animals, and a conservative outlook on life. He has been fortunate to reside on water for most of his life – from warm Floridian oceans in his youth to freezing Minnesotan lakes (ok, maybe that last part doesn’t sound quite as fortunate) – and has been able to turn his passion for improving and beautifying these water spaces into a business. It is thanks to his unique creative talents that Admiral exists today.

Our Mission

It is our mission to gain a loyal following in the lake, pond, and general waterspace industry by means of innovation and ongoing creativity. We plan to set ourselves apart by offering our customers high quality products at a great value. We strive to ensure that all products meet our high standards and comply with the key attributes of flexibility, practicality, and effectiveness.

Our Vision

It is Admiral’s vision to continue to grow and improve our product line, always adhering to our mission statement, to be able to help customers far and wide accomplish their objectives and endear themselves to our company.

Our Core Values

Our core values at a company level are: Quality, Value, Innovation, and Customer Service. Read more by clicking the button below.

Our Products

Our products are for the general purpose of improving and enhancing enjoyment of our customer’s waterspaces. We offer some products uniquely designed for cleaning and restoring aquatic spaces, other products simply for beautifying these spaces, and still other products for maximizing enjoyment and/or utility of these spaces. All products are designed and assembled with the core values of Flexibility, Practicality, and Effectiveness in mind.

Our Warranties

We offer our 3-Year Warranty or Lifetime Warranty on nearly all products (the few exceptions being those products that are meant to be replaced or can easily be damaged by misuse). While a 3-year guarantee is fairly common amongst industry leaders, few go beyond that and nobody to our knowledge guarantees any product for life, let alone half of their product line like Admiral does. We believe in building a lasting, quality product, and we hope our Warranties communicate that to our customers.

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