Admiral Fountain


Our Admiral Fountain offers many best-in-class features, including an unsinkable float with a lifetime warranty, unmatched versatility, and a wide array of upgrades and accessories. We’ve been told it’s the best “bang for your buck” fountain on the market.

Comes standard with a 100' cord. Choose whether you need a longer cord length to complete your project.
No Cord Protector (+$0.00)
For 100'cord (+$149.99)
For 150'cord (+$224.95)
For 200'cord (+$299.95)
Select if you would like to add a Cord Protector to safeguard your investment from rodents and other possible damages. Upon including the Cord Protector you will also gain a 2-Year Warranty on your power cord (not included in standard unit).
Gentle 100 (+$0.00)
High 6 (+$14.95)
High 17 (+$129.95)
Gentle 100 and High 6 (+$59.95)
Gentle 100 and High 17 (+$174.95)
High 6 and High 17 (+$189.95)
All 3 Nozzles (+$234.95)
The Admiral Fountain comes standard with the Gentle 100 nozzle. Choose whether you need a different nozzle for your project. There is a $5 discount for adding an additional nozzle, and a $10 discount for adding 2 nozzles.
No Light Kit (+$0.00)
Light Kit (+$899.95)
The Admiral Fountain does not come with the light kit. If you wish to add it on, choose from the options above.
No Additional Filter (+$0.00)
Spare Small Filter (+$19.95)
Mega Filter Upgrade (+$209.95)
The Admiral fountain comes standard with a small filter, ideal for average water conditions. You can add an additional spare small filter, or upgrade to the mega filter which is ideal for poor water conditions.
Ice Rink Attachment (+$89.95)
Lake Rake (+$89.95)
Both Ice Rink Attachment and Lake Rake (+$179.95)
You can choose to add additional accessories to your admiral fountain
Product total
Options total
Grand total

The Admiral Fountain is a heavy duty, commercial-grade fountain that features a powerful 1 Horsepower motor as well as 100 feet of marine-grade power cord – all standard equipment.  Like everything else that we build here at Admiral Lake and Pond Restoration, our Admiral fountains are hand-assembled here in Excelsior, MN, one unit at a time. The utmost care is used during each build, with 316-grade stainless steel hardware and quality components used throughout to ensure the best product possible. 

Motors: In an effort to maximize profits, manufacturers often specify under-sized, under-powered motors. Result – they short out. Our hefty 1-horsepower motors, with automatic, thermal shut-down protection, are guaranteed for two years. If it burns out, you get a new one. Beyond our motors’ quality, they are also oil-free, meaning zero maintenance as well as an eco-friendly option (no potential oil leaks = fish friendly).

Flotation:  All other manufacturers use fountain floats that are either made via the roto- or blow-molding process that yields a poly shell, often filled with flotation foam. Almost always, the shell eventually leaks somewhere, the fountain becomes water-logged and lists to one side, or even sinks!  Admiral, however, uses a patented, air-infused, solid polymer float that is practically indestructible. Drill multiple holes completely through the float and it’s buoyancy won’t be compromised in the least. We are so confident in it’s durability that we offer a lifetime warranty on it. Also, due to the unique, compact design of the float, the fountain does not sway as much as competitor’s floats; this results in a much more “contained” spray from the fountain, even in turbulent water. 

Lighting (sold separately):  If you are thinking you may want to add our lighting kit to your fountain (if so, it is best to do so up front because if you decide to add it later, you’ll need to send the fountain back to us), consider this – many manufacturers supply under-powered lights and/or offer them in a single, white light.  If you happen to want the option of colored lighting, you have to physically retrieve the fountain and change the lens colors on the lamps. In contrast, the Admiral lighting system uses a remote to change colors with the click of a button. Under-powered lighting is also not a problem as we provide three individual 18-watt, fully submersible, color-changing RGB LED lights, each sealed in stainless steel enclosures. Using the light kits’ included wireless remote, you can turn the lights on or off (from up to 1000 feet of distance!), choose between seven different colors, and control color change progression – in fast, slow, or very slow succession. You can also set and even automate when lights turn on/off based on sunrise/sundown via the light kits’ included timer with photocell. All light kits include our 2-Year Warranty on lights and electrical assembly and our Lifetime Warranty on stainless steel and structural components.

Nozzles: Customize your experience with your choice of five different solid brass nozzles (sold separately) to choose from.  Everything from the “Gentle 100” nozzle which sprays a large diameter, dense plume of tiny droplets around 7 feet in height, to the “High 6” nozzle, whose adjustable jets can spray as high as twenty feet or more. 

Functionality: Apart from the inherent beauty of the fountain, it also works as an excellent lake or pond aerator, helping to clean water and provide clarity. The Admiral 1 HP Fountain is recommended to help clean and aerate lakes or ponds of up to 1 acres in size. Another advantage is that the fountain can be mounted in very shallow water. Thanks to its side intake (whereas most competitors have an intake on the bottom of the unit), the fountain becomes much more clog-resistant and allows you to place the fountain in very shallow water – so much so that the unit can even be touching the lake/pond bottom – without problem.

This product has parts and components covered by our warranties. Please click here for more information.


Durable and corrosion resistant

No assembly required 

Energy efficient – low operating costs despite constant use

Spray height from 8 to 20 feet (depending on nozzle choice and configuration)

Spray width from 10 to 30 feet (depending on nozzle choice and configuration)

Nearly zero maintenance required

The most natural solution to aerate your waterfront

Convenient 110-volt connection 

Fountain can be used as a pump that, used in tandem with our separately-sold Ice Rink Attachment, can be used to flood and create your own personal ice rink!

Weight: 35 lbs

Length: 33 inches

Width: 12 inches

Height: 12 inches

Materials: Solid Polymer float with Stainless Steel structural components and hardware

Weight 15 lbs
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