Ice-Out De-Icer


The Ice-Out de-icer is a great solution for keeping water open and clear of ice, even during the coldest winter months. It will clear up to 4000 square feet in optimal conditions, and at a minimum maintain a 50-foot diameter free of ice with its hefty 1 HP motor. All units come standard with 100 feet of marine-grade power cord, 50 feet of braided polypropylene mounting rope, our 2-year Warranty on the motor/electrical assembly, and our Lifetime Warranty on stainless steel hardware and structural pieces.

Comes standard with a 100' cord. Choose whether you need a longer cord length to complete your project.
Select if you would like to add a Cord Protector to safeguard your investment from rodents and other possible damages. Upon including the Cord Protector you will also gain a 2-Year Warranty on your power cord (not included in standard unit).
No Cord Protector (+$0.00)
100' Cord (+$149.99)
For 150' Cord (+$224.95)
For 200' Cord (+$299.95)
The Ice-Out comes standard with the sling mount kit. If you wish to use a different mounting application you may select one of the other mounting kits below.
Dock Deck mounting kit (+$449.95)
Dock Leg mounting kit (+$274.95)
Concrete Disk kit (+$149.95)
Please decide if you would like to add any spare parts with your Ice-Out purchase.
Spare Propeller (+$49.95)
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The Ice-Out de-icer is a great solution for maintaining open water, free of ice, in even the coldest winter months. It will clear over 4000 square feet in optimal conditions, and at a minimum, maintain a 50-foot, ice-free diameter. Like all Admiral Lake and Pond products, our Ice-Out de-icers are hand-assembled here in Excelsior, MN, one unit at a time.

Advantages: Keeping your waterspace ice-free will protect your boat, dock, pier, etc. from ice damage and allow for year-round use. It also creates an excellent open waterspace for hunters and outdoorsmen. The positive environmental impact is another plus; the Ice-Out will help avoid “winter kill,” the number one cause of fish and aquatic species death, by allowing oxygen transfer to take place. This is only made possible when ice is out and water is kept open.

How does it work?: During winter, the coldest water in lakes and ponds is located at the surface while warm water is trapped below. It is the inverse of summer water temperatures in that it gets progressively warmer as you go deeper. The Ice-Out works by forcing the warm water from the depths upwards, agitating and heating the surface to keep it free of ice.

The Ice-Out’s design is unique in that it focuses on using mother nature to its benefit; unlike most competitor’s units that use a closed, bucket-shaped design that merely agitates surface water near the top end of the unit, the Ice-Out utilizes an open-body design that allows water to flow through the unit, creating enhanced circulation that draws much warmer water from the depths to more effectively melt surface ice and maintain open water.

Equipment: The Ice-Out de-icer offers more than just an efficient design. It utilizes a powerful, 1 HP stainless steel motor that runs on standard 110-volt power (220-volt also available) and features an automatic thermal shut-down for maximum protection. It also comes standard with a 100-foot power cord, 100% marine-grade stainless steel hardware, and 50 feet of polypropylene rope for mounting.

Comparing the Ice-Out to competitor’s units, notice that Admiral offers as standard equipment what others consider, “upgrades”. Some examples include a longer power cord, more mounting rope, and most notably, a larger motor. Not only is a 1 horsepower motor standard on our unit; it also achieves higher RPMs than most competitor’s equivalent 1 HP motors (most utilize motors with under 2000 RPMs while the Ice-Out produces 3450 RPMs), meaning that their flow rate is nearly half of the Ice-Out’s 540 gallons per minute. Finally, the motor and electrical assembly are backed by our 2-year Warranty with all structural components and stainless steel hardware warranted for life.

Mounting Options and Accessories: The standard “sling mount” is achieved by hanging the Ice-Out beneath your yacht, dock, boatlift, etc. and running two included ropes from your Ice-Out to fixed points on either side.  The weight and thrust of the unit will cause it to face directly upwards, thus opening a circular-shaped “hole” in the ice.  If a more elongated, oval-shaped area is preferred, the included third rope can be attached to the bottom end of the Ice-Out, enabling it to be tilted at an angle. This tilt will allow for customization to achieve the desired open water shape.

Apart from the standard sling option, we also offer a variety of other mounting options  (sold separately) for the Ice-Out:

  1. The Dock Deck Mount Kit, ideal for no-hassle dock use, gives you 360-degree rotation control and 6 feet of depth control while standing on your dock.
  2. The Dock Leg Mount Kit, a more simplistic, static mount to attach to dock legs, will support 360-degree rotation of the Ice-Out but lacks depth control.
  3. The Concrete Disk Kit, a mount kit that will sit at the bottom of the lake, pond, etc., allows for 360 degree rotation – ideal for small or shallow lakes and ponds.

Beyond the various mounting configurations, we also offer several options and accessories for the Ice-Out. Cord length can be extended up to 200 feet (and even more in 220-volt builds) and a protective power cord sleeve can be added to prevent rodents from chewing through cords – a surprisingly common occurrence – as well. Possibly the most popular option is an intake screen to further protect the unit and prevent aquatic wildlife and biomass from entering the unit.

Maintenance: No oil changes or maintenance are necessary. The unit runs on standard 110-volt power (unless 220-volt power is preferred) and does not require special wiring or electrical services, either.


Weight: 33 lbs

Width: 8.5 inches

Height: 17 inches

Materials: Stainless steel motor, structural components, and hardware, 8-inch diameter PVC housing, braided polypropylene rope

Opens up to 4200 square feet of water

Maintains a minimum diameter of 50 feet of water open

Flow rate of 540 gallons per minute via motor’s 3450 RPM


No assembly required and zero maintenance required

Energy efficient

Includes (Standard before including any additional options):

-1 Ice-Out unit with 1.0 Horsepower motor and 2-year warranty. Click here to view more information about our warranties. 

-100 feet of 110-volt or 220-volt marine-grade power cord

-50 feet of braided polypropylene mounting rope

-1 User Manual (online)

-Lifetime Warranty on structural components and stainless steel hardware, 2-Year Warranty on the motor and electrical assembly (sans power cord unless Cord Protector is purchased)

Weight 14 lbs
Cord Length

100', 150', 200'

Mounting options

Dock Deck Mounting Kit, Dock Leg Mounting Kit, Concrete Disk Mounting Kit

Spare Parts

No Spare Parts, Spare Propeller

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