Dock Leg Mounting Kit (Ice-Out)


A simple, cost-effective way to attach the Ice-Out to your dock, the Dock Leg Mount Kit lets you to easily mount your de-icer directly to your dock legs/supports. It allows for 360-degree swivel movement and also features convenient single-knob installation, rotation, and removal. It is made of marine-grade aluminum and backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

The Dock Leg Mount Kit is both a cost-effective and convenient option to mount the Ice-Out directly to your dock.

The Dock Mount Kit comes in two pieces. The first is a marine-grade aluminum bracket that will allow for attachment to all Ice-Out mounts (this will come pre-assembled on Ice-Out orders that select the Dock Leg Mount Kit option). The second is a marine-grade aluminum “arm” that will support your Ice-Out and mount directly to your dock leg supports.

Installation is simple; just secure the mount to your dock’s leg supports via included U-bolts (please let us know if you have square or round supports and their diameter to send the correct size/shape), then tighten a single knob to fix the Ice-Out to the mount itself. By loosening the knob, you may not only detach your Ice-Out, but also rotate and set the unit’s position.

Offering further flexibility of use, the dock leg mount kit can easily be moved from leg support to leg support and once mounted, your Ice-Out will be able to rotate a full 360 degrees. As an added bonus, it will also allow you to mount your Ice-Out to a Mobile Mounting Stake for deep water flexibility away from your dock.

The Dock Leg Mount Kit is handcrafted in Excelsior, MN, made of durable marine-grade aluminum, and includes Admiral’s lifetime warranty.


Weight: 4.5 lbs

Length: 18 inches

Width: 4 inches

Height: 12 inches

Material: Marine-grade Aluminum

Weight 5 lbs
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