Geyser 19 Fountain Nozzle


The Geyser 19 fountain nozzle consists of 19 holes with 18 of them arranged around a single large, center spout. It produces a center stream of approximately 20 feet in height with peripheral nozzles spraying outwards approximately 20 feet in width. The Geyser 19 is made of brass and backed by Admiral’s lifetime guarantee.

The Geyser 19 fountain nozzle features a 19-hole design with 18 smaller holes placed around a single, larger stem. This creates for a high, 20-foot central stream, surrounded by 18 smaller streams, arcing out away from the fountain.

A good compromise for those looking for something between a single high spout nozzle and a more relaxed, multi-spout nozzle, viewers will enjoy the height display as well as the gentle peripheral spray.

The Geyser 19 Fountain Nozzle is made of brass and backed by Admiral’s lifetime warranty. Please click here for more information about the warranty.


Weight: 1 lb

Length: 3.5 inches

Width: 3.5 inches

Height: 4.5 inches

Materials: Brass

Weight 2 lbs
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